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Every Day Counts! Taskforce

The Every Day Counts! Taskforce is a partnership of diverse District of Columbia agencies and stakeholders that collectively advance and coordinate strategies to increase student attendance and reduce truancy. The group includes representatives from education, justice, health clusters of the Administration, allowing for holistic development and implementation of attendance policy. The Taskforce is co-chaired by Deputy Mayor of Education Jennifer Niles and Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services HyeSook Chung. In addition to the co-chairs, the following entities are represented:

Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA), Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC), Court Social Services Division (CSSD), DC Public Charter School Board (PCSB), DC Public Schools (DCPS), Department of Behavior Health (DBH), Department of Human Services (DHS), Deputy Mayor of Greater Economic Opportunity (DMGEO), Deputy Mayor for Public Safety & Justice (DMPSJ), Department of Health (DOH), Department of Transportation (DOT), Justice Grants Administration (JGA), Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), Office of the State Superintendent (OSSE), Office of the Attorney General (OAG), State Board of Education (SBOE), the Offices of Chairmen Phil Mendelson and Councilmember David Grosso, public charter school leaders, and others. To inquire about participating, email Aurora Steinle, Senior Advisor, Office of the Deputy Mayor for Education, [email protected]

The Every Day Counts! Taskforce’s strategy is three-pronged. The Taskforce works to collect and report on key data points (“Measure”), regularly analyze and ‘review these data (“Monitor”) and craft information-backed policies in response (“Act”). The partnership uses a data-driven EdStat model to inform its analysis and policy-making under the “Measure, Monitor, Act” framework.

Taskforce activities in School Year 2015-16 included:

  • Researched model LEA systems for addressing absenteeism
  • Reviewed a citywide “plan” by agency role to address absenteeism
  • Inventoried current investments in addressing truancy
  • Coordinated Attendance Awareness Month (Sept. 2015)
  • Crafted a Truancy Taskforce Strategic Plan and Truancy Taskforce Data Plan
  • Adopted common methodology for calculating truancy and absenteeism across sectors
  • Reported progress quarterly on Attendance Accountability Amendment Act metrics
  • Informed School Attendance Clarification Amendment Act of 2016
  • Hosted a Design Challenge engaging youth, educators, and agencies
  • Attended the National Conference on Attendance as a state team

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*Note: The Truancy Taskforce was renamed the Every Day Counts! Taskforce in July 2017.*